June 19, 2018, 6:43 am
Today's Advice For June 19th, 2018:

Planning and Executing are the Keys to Success.
Peter Radizeski

Featured Marketing Tip For June 19th, 2018:

20 Use your email footer to send clients and friends to your websites to learn more about your work without trying!"
Peter Radizeski

Featured Sales Tip For June 19th, 2018:

Follow Up. Follow Up.
Peter Radizeski

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Welcome to the Marketing Idea Guy (dot com)

Peter Radizeski is the Marketing Idea Guy. Why the Marketing Idea Guy? Because Peter is creative enough to put the business in your technology. That’s what you need today in order to stand out in marketing. Either develop a Purple Cow service that no one else has – or figure out how to position your service to compete in a Blue Ocean instead of a Red one.

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RAD-INFO, Inc. is a consulting agency specializing in the telecommunications industry. Peter Radizeski has been blogging since 2004 about marketing, selling, messaging, strategy, telecom, and The Channel. He has spoken at numerous conferences as a keynote, panelist, commentator and moderator.

Topics have included the telecom competitive landscape, telecom trends, social media and online marketing strategies, building an indirect channel and telecom for the SMB space.

Since 1999, RAD-INFO INC has marketed and sold a wide range of telecommunications services from hundreds of service providers, including Wholesale DSL, VoIP Origination + Termination, SIP Trunking, Metro Ethernet, Hosted PBX, UC, MPLS, Colocation and Cloud.

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