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I’d Like to Talk to You About Match

Filed under: Peter Radizeski — Tuesday, January 20, 2015 @ 10:14 am

I have a bunch of gripes with, not the least of which is the auto-renewal without billing or notice. But what really grinds me is the lying. The company plain lies. Almost every time I get an email that says someone liked a photo of me or contacts me, that profile has been unavailable — even just 15 minutes later! How is that possible?!

They got me to buy a membership by sending me 3 emails in a week about women being interested. Nice scam!

Today, Match is telling me that I “interacted” with people so that is why I am getting these “matches” (profiles to look at). When I view the history, no interaction. So what did I miss?

“The profile you’re looking for is not available at this time. Instead take a look at these.” I get this message often. And I have to wonder what criteria Match uses at all. Half the profiles they show me are too young or I am a little too old.

I won’t even get into a rant about profiles and old (or no) pictures.

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