June 19, 2018, 6:51 am

Off to See Seth Godin Again

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I leave tomorrow for another full day with Seth Godin in NYC. I was at Seth’s Linchpin day long launch in April of 2010. Here’s hoping for a recharge and a brain stimulation.

I have read most – if not all – of his books, including Wisdom and the Guerrilla Marketing Handbook (that he co-wrote with Jay Conrad Levinson)

I am part of a Six-pack group that will be meeting for coffee at 8 AM at the Cosmo Hotel before heading over to the Tribeca Performing Arts Center for the 9 AM event. And it is an event. There is a digital directory of attendees, there is Q&A, surprises, and a huge collection of the Tribe! I am going to hear from Seth and to meet some other consultants. Hoping to get some gems I can use in my business.

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