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Identify Targets

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“If you’re working in marketing, the temptation is to seek out and evangelize those that ‘don’t get it,’ to find and sell to the skeptics,” writes Seth Godin. “In fact, real change comes from finding and embracing and connecting and amplifying those that are inclined to like you and believe in you. Ideas spread from person to person, not so much from you to them. So find your biggest fans and give them a story to tell.”
I learned this lesson long ago. You can’t convince everyone that resale DSL isn’t the long term play. You can’t convince people that the money will go to Layer 1 or Layer 7. You can just talk to the people who get it. (Maybe they can convince others.)
Same with your business. You can’t convince everyone that cheap DSL or cable modem is the wrong avenue, but then you only have to convince one to two thousand of that (not millions).
Identify and Target the best and most profitable prospects.

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