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The Business of Running a Business

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Online Resources:

  • Surveymonkey – to survey or poll your customers.
  • Mailchimp, iContact – for email marketing with metrics
  • campaignercrm.com – email marketing and CRM
  • Eventbrite, Punchbowl – invites for webinars, lunch-n-learns
  • Freshbooks, QuickBooks, Batchbook, insightly – invoicing and CRM
  • Go Cloud for CRM, email and Apps with Office365,┬áZoho or Google Apps*
  • Slideshare – for your marketing Google juice

*You need to use Cloud services to sell cloud!

How to Market your Consulting Biz (slides)

Offline Resources:

Other things mentioned during the presentation:

SELLECOM 2: Selling Cloud Services

Jim Rohn

Goal Setting

Seth Godin – Permission Marketing, The Dip, Linchpin, Knock Knock and more!

Tom Peters – Brand You and In Search of Excellence

Michael Port – Book Yourself Solid

GTD – Get Things Done

TCA Certified Telecom Professional!

Marketing Outrageously

Master Mind Group and here.

Need a Coach? Jim Rohn, Noomii, Find Your Coach, and CoachU.

EO and CEO member peer groups.


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