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Ad Idea #4

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Ad Idea # 3

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Ads need to quickly visual the key message.

The bad news: new marketing is just old marketing with new tools.

The bad news: the customer response time has shrunk.

The bad news: today, everyone knows!

The bad news: everyone counts, so mommy bloggers can’t be ignored.

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The bad news is: sales is getting too costly. Acquiring new customers is getting harder and more expensive.

Today, Customer Retention, Referrals and Word-of-Mouth are more important than ever before.

Listening to your customers is now very important.

Feel Good Marketing

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Two of the best ad campaign in my opinion are the AT&T LD Reach Out and Touch Someone ads from 1980s and the Coke I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing ads also from the 80s. Both were feel good ads. It was emotive.

Both Coke and AT&T left the audience with a feeling that became associated with their brand. There is no better branding than that. None.

Today, we have a lot of creative stuff, but very few that leave you with an emotion. One exception is the VW The Force ad by Deutsch that debuted at the Super Bowl.

A couple that come close: TalkTalk is trying with this commercial. Google Chrome did a good job of explaining WHAT you can do with Chrome and the Google Cloud without every mentioning it – which is a huge point! – in this ad. Your prospects and Customers do NOT care about the technology. They only care about what they can do with the tech.


Back to Coke for a minute. Coke did a social experiment in Portugal this year – read about it here. It had nothing to so with selling Coke. It was a human interest story. It was about emotion. I think that’s the key to branding. Feel good, Grab a Coke.

Connect with People, pick up the phone. Voice is better than text because text has no emotion.

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