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Get Them There

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where they need to be

I took some heat from people on my blog post to the TBBJ. Apparently, I took a personal dispute public. Actually, it was on Facebook and there was some public dressing down at a club, so it was public.

Why do I blog this stuff? As a fellow Cranky Bastard told me, “I set my expectations too high, so I’m always disappointed.” There’s some truth to that.

Why is Customer Service so awful?

Why don’t companies accept criticism as a chance to improve? (What? You think I’m some Outlier? That others don’t feel the same way?)

Hugh MacLeod sent this cartoon out to his email list today. “Business is the art of getting people to where they need to be faster than they would get there without you.” In other words, I may kick you, but I will try to be constructive so you can improve from it. Most people don’t see the constructive parts in what I write. They just see the kick. The kick is to get your attention. If you can’t get past that, then I can’t help you. (Nor do I want to.)

Business is changing faster today than ever before, especially for the print newspaper space. With about 8K subscribers, the TBBJ has to rely on events to stay open. It can get better at events. It has to. There’s too much competition in the event space for the sponsor dollars; the audience attention; and the attendees’ wallets.

TBBJ isn’t just competing with DG or TBTF. It’s competing with hundreds of Meetups that are smaller, specialized tribes that give great value. It’s competing with Camps like BarCamp Tampa Bay, BlogCamp, CodeCamp, and so many more.

In a similar vein, the AMA Tampa Bay is facing a similar challenge from all of the social media “gurus” running seminars, classes, etc. all over the Greater Tampa Bay market. It also competes with the Wealth Annex and Social Fresh for sponsor dollars and attention.

That’s pretty much the problem: Everyone is competing for Attention.

There are two ways to get the Attention: (1) throw such a fabulous event that people buzz about it; or (2) build a tribe through relationships with your target audience. The other way is to just keep throwing shit on the wall to see what happens. That doesn’t work well.

Here are some ideas, Bridgette. (1) Subscriber only events with a speaker. (2) Work with Bright House, since you have the same parent company. How about a TBBJ/BayNews9 business minute every work day? Or better interview a business person every day. Unfortunately, you will take this to mean any advertiser can send anyone over to get some face time. That’s the wrong way to do it! (3) Brand each event better. Instead of “just name tags” what about a TBBJ headline name tag?

It’s 2011. Time to get creative. Stop whining about your critics and your competitors and get better at what you do.

Netscape spent too much time worrying about Microsoft’s Internet Explorer instead of making game changing improvements to Netscape.

But my opinion doesn’t matter, so you probably didn’t read this far.

Next week, Jack Brandt of Register.com and I are back at ISPCON to do another session on Marketing. For those that read this blog, here’s a thank you gift – the presentation early.

As many of you know, I don’t use PowerPoint during my sessions, but these are the ideas I will be trying to convey about Marketing, Messaging, and Guerrilla tactics.

No Advertising Needed

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Michele Miller writes a blog post titled, Making an Impact with No Advertising. It is about a pool guy who grew his business with great customer service. In today’s business environ, great customer service is rare. Consumers are so used to poor service that it isn’t even commented on any more. So White Glove or Fanatical Customer Care can be a differentiator.

New Media Marketing means Blogging, Podcasting, Social networking, and the like to produce buzz and word-of-mouth for your client, product or company. Here in Tampa Bay, the AMA (American Marketing Assoc.) has a New Media Special Interest Group that has events to discuss this twist in marketing. If you can’t get to the events, you can read this article, The 411 on Web 2.0 Marketing.

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