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7 Line Marketing Plan

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Jay Conrad Levinson wrote the Guerrilla Marketing Handbook with Seth Godin in 1994. Things have changed a lot since then. Hyper-competition for one thing. The ubiquity of the Internet for another. Entrepreneur magazine says that it takes 5 minutes to create a top-notch marketing plan. I disagree because it takes about 45 minutes to clarify your Positioning statement (your USP, your differentiation). I did a presentation on this a couple of years ago. Here it is:

7 Line Marketing Plan

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In the same issue of Entrepreneur, 198 items for your guerrilla marketing arsenal [here].

Next week, Jack Brandt of Register.com and I are back at ISPCON to do another session on Marketing. For those that read this blog, here’s a thank you gift – the presentation early.

As many of you know, I don’t use PowerPoint during my sessions, but these are the ideas I will be trying to convey about Marketing, Messaging, and Guerrilla tactics.

11 Ways to Market Your Event

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We are organizing BarCampTampaBay for Oct. 11 & 12, 2008 at USF College of Business. These are the first 11 ways we are marketing this event:

  • Local bloggers – contact, invite, interact with.
  • Local organizations like the Chambers of Commerce.
  • LinkedIn – your network first!
  • MeetUp.com – create a group, just $75.
  • Eventful.com, Upcoming.yahoo.com, Craigslist – free event listings
  • Newspapers – weekly, commununity, and trade. Magazines, too.
  • twitter – again your network first.
  • podcast about it and get others to do so; interview with podcasters.
  • create a website or a blog
  • eventbrite.com for sign-up sheet
  • make a Facebook group

New Media Marketing means Blogging, Podcasting, Social networking, and the like to produce buzz and word-of-mouth for your client, product or company. Here in Tampa Bay, the AMA (American Marketing Assoc.) has a New Media Special Interest Group that has events to discuss this twist in marketing. If you can’t get to the events, you can read this article, The 411 on Web 2.0 Marketing.

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