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Channel Conflict

Filed under: Channel Partner,Peter Radizeski — Monday, July 1, 2013 @ 5:20 pm

Channel Conflict is usually when the direct sales force is chasing the same deal as the indirect sales force (the channel partners’ deal).

In a recent variation, there is channel conflict between a couple of channel managers of the same carrier over who gets compensated for a sale.

It makes me want to do this:


There isn’t any reason for it. Take the long view.

On Tuesday, September 18, 2012, I will be speaking about marketing at a conference in Chicago. The expo was nice enough to let me invite non-members to my sessions on that day at the James Hotel.

At 10 AM I am presenting How to Compete, a session I have done a couple of times about competing in the telecom sector. I will hit on these 3 sales scenarios:

      Do you get beat on Price?
      Is cable stealing your business?
      Are you having trouble selling Hosted PBX?

At 2:15 the session is Marketing: Grab your Umbrella, It’s Cloudy Out. In this session, I am going to run through cloud services you need to offer and how to market them. Fast paced.

At 4:15, Marketing in 3 Easy Steps will give you (at least) three action steps to take in order to market your cloud services.

All sessions are fast paced and I encourage questions.

There is a special day rate of just $49 for you to come to the expo – and that includes lunch and a luncheon keynote on Leadership. If interested, email me for the discount code. Hope to see you in Chicago!

Working the Partner Channel

Filed under: Channel Partner,Referrals system — Thursday, October 30, 2008 @ 10:17 am

BNET has an article on How to Motivate a Channel Partner. The keys to getting the Channel to work for your business is to Partner. The Channel needs to feel valued and supported.  Too many channel partners devalues the ones you have and dilutes the support you are able to give them. Train. Support. Incent.

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