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Nothing Lasts Forever

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A Final Bow to BarCamp Tampa Bay

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Yesterday was BarCamp Tampa Bay, the unconference I co-founded 6 years ago with Gavin Stark, Joel Lopez and Brenda Young. Five BarCamps, 1 combo BarCamp-Code Camp, 3 IGNITE events and about 50 monthly events in the past 6 years.

We couldn’t have done it without many teammates including our star players Susie, Michael, Ken, Victoria, Ben, Sean, Megan, Ashley and Jessica.

It takes a lot of effort to put on a BarCamp or IGNITE – especially for a Volunteer organization (and I use that term loosely). It takes months of work, effort, sweat.

We have been lucky to have a group of sponsors that have been with us since the beginning, including Haneke Design, Prospect Smarter and SourceToad. You cannot put on an event for 600+ people without sponsors, so to our sponsors over the last 6 years: Thank you very much for your support! I truly appreciate your supporting the community.

I want to thank this year’s volunteers. Lots of new faces. Thank you for helping all day from the crack of dawn until it was time for beer.

There have been mishaps over the years. To those that were on the receiving end of that, I apologize.

I have tried to step away a couple of times, but this year was truly my Last Hurrah. Six years is a long time. The politics behind putting these events on is a grind. The who’s penis is bigger contest gets tiresome. So many things have gotten complicated over time. I also realized that if I put just half that effort in my own business, I profit. Hmmm….

I’ve met a great bunch of folks and if anyone wants to catch a drink, just drop me a note. I’m glad I had this experience. I think we built up a nice community. We had 12 rooms of speakers going most of the day.

The other reason to step back is that I am starting to take a lot of this stuff personal. I need distance and time so I can get away from that.

So with that, I say thank you for joining me on this six year journey – and now it’s your turn to step up. I wasn’t kidding in the 4 pm Cranky Bastards session when I said I was retiring and that if you wanted another one IT WAS ON YOU!

Our events are UGC – user generated content. If the sessions weren’t to your liking, well, step up and give a great presentation – or get together with someone or two and do a kick ass panel. BarCamp at its core is your event – it’s a community building showcase. Over the years we have had some awesome presentations and some lousy ones. We had some memorable people like Tony and the Accordion guy. Thanks for that! See you around.

Best Wishes

Peter Radizeski

We Aren’t Done Yet

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With IGNITE Tampa Bay #3 in the bag, I am a little drunk on the effort, the turnout and the praise.

The talk I gave was off-the-cuff since my first two written talks were both scrapped since previous speakers already hit some of the highlights.


Share the IGNITE videos. Spread the idea virus.

Get involved. Let’s do more cool events together.

I wanted to challenge all of you to get involved – and it doesn’t have to be with the BarCamp/IGNITE community. Just pick a community (or two) and don’t just join, participate.

It takes 500 people at an event for the media to take notice. It takes over a thousand at an event for the local politicians to take notice. It takes a number of large events before the national media and politicians take notice. When they all take notice, then the awards, acclaim and investment come. So we need you to show up!

I forgot to mention 2 things in my talk: outcomes and better the ball.

So Karch Kiraly has a philosophy around volleyball about bettering the ball. When you contact the ball, you should position the ball in such a way that your teammate can make a great play on the ball. It is your job, especially if you are a setter, to better the ball. In other words, leave it better than you found it, a la Stephen Covey.

The other concept was Outcomes. What do you want to happen? How are you going to make it happen? Focus on the outcome. For IGNITE, the outcome was 400 people to see 25 speakers. It became 800 tickets sold, over 550 in attendance and 32 speakers.

All of our events – whether it is BarCamp Tampa Bay, IGNITE Tampa or a monthly meetup – we want a good venue, a good turn-out, a passionate speaker and the audience to come away with some knowledge, inspiration, and awe. I say awe because I want them to be so excited that they tell others about it – to spread the idea virus.

What Makes a Great IGNITE Talk?

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We are in the middle of organizing IGNITE Tampa Bay #3, which will be held on April 25th, 2013. Doors at the Tampa Theatre open at 6.

For such an awesome venue, we want some awesome talks.

IGNITE is a global format like Pecha Kucha and TED. We refer to it as TED Lite. The tag line is “Enlighten us, but make it quick!”

It is 5 minutes, 300 seconds – with 20 slides auto-advancing every 15 seconds.

So what goes into a great IGNITE talk? Passion and Ethusiasm – What do you Love?

The committee in Tampa Bay chooses the speakers based on mainly 4 criteria:

  1. The Headline – in all of marketing that is most important
  2. Speaker bio – keep it brief and relevant – it’s just a 5 minute talk
  3. Topic Description – be clear, be concise, be descriptive, don’t repeat the headline
  4. Are You Known – has anyone on the committee heard you speak or what does Google or Twitter say.

I know that doesn’t sound fair, but you have control over 3 of the most important factors.

There are many articles to help you out – like this good one or this one. Or watch some of the videos from the other two we held. We aren’t looking for perfect but we are looking for passion, focus, and concise – 5 minutes is long and short.

{UPDATE} I wrote about this before, so sorry for the repeat. But some good links on the original post too.

Another really good one in slideshare!

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