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Presentations Aren’t About the Slides

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My niece just attended her first IGNITE in Denver (#17 there). Tampa Bay just finished IGNITE #4. My niece commented “some great performances and some mediocre”, which is about how it goes with any event more than 3 speakers.

All the speakers can’t be great, but I think it has to do with what you focus on. IGNITE (and TED) is about Passion. It is about telling your story about your passion in 5 minutes. The slides are almost irrelevant.

Many speakers use the slides and the script as a crutch. It makes for a nice technical delivery but an awful experience for the audience. I have sat through more presentations, where I wonder how the speaker holds his job at Cisco or Avaya or where ever. How you can’t talk about your company and its service for 10 minutes without props is beyond me.

Being nervous is normal, but you can alleviate some of those nerves by being well prepared. I always have notes with me, but I rarely look at them. The notes are like Linus’ security blanket. The slides are prompts, to enhance a point, not make one.

The whole point is the story, the idea, the theme that you are trying to convey to your audience. It doesn’t matter if you don’t follow the script as long as you capture their attention enough for them to receive the idea, story, point.

In Tom Peters’ 100 WAYS TO SUCCEED #15: YOU MUST BE ABLE TO ANSWER THIS QUESTION! And the question is: WHAT?S THE DREAM? What mark do you want to leave on your audience? Focus on that and the slides and script don’t matter so much.

A Pat on the Back

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Employees prefer encouragement and recognition as a motivator.


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pat-on-the -back


pat on the back sent col_small

Lessons from Jim Rohn

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At BarCamp Tampa Bay, I like to give talks to Freelancers, Coaches and Consultants – the 1099 set. These are the free agents hired by businesses and people to help them. I think that our economy is going to be filled more and more with free agents fighting for jobs that previously might have been employment (W-2). [That was the topic of an earlier freelance talk.]

A previous talk I did called 40 Tips for Freelancers.
A useful article for Creatives: 12 Most Practical Quotes To Help Artists Prosper

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