June 19, 2018, 6:45 am

On Tuesday, September 18, 2012, I will be speaking about marketing at a conference in Chicago. The expo was nice enough to let me invite non-members to my sessions on that day at the James Hotel.

At 10 AM I am presenting How to Compete, a session I have done a couple of times about competing in the telecom sector. I will hit on these 3 sales scenarios:

      Do you get beat on Price?
      Is cable stealing your business?
      Are you having trouble selling Hosted PBX?

At 2:15 the session is Marketing: Grab your Umbrella, It’s Cloudy Out. In this session, I am going to run through cloud services you need to offer and how to market them. Fast paced.

At 4:15, Marketing in 3 Easy Steps will give you (at least) three action steps to take in order to market your cloud services.

All sessions are fast paced and I encourage questions.

There is a special day rate of just $49 for you to come to the expo – and that includes lunch and a luncheon keynote on Leadership. If interested, email me for the discount code. Hope to see you in Chicago!

Off to See Seth Godin Again

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I leave tomorrow for another full day with Seth Godin in NYC. I was at Seth’s Linchpin day long launch in April of 2010. Here’s hoping for a recharge and a brain stimulation.

I have read most – if not all – of his books, including Wisdom and the Guerrilla Marketing Handbook (that he co-wrote with Jay Conrad Levinson)

I am part of a Six-pack group that will be meeting for coffee at 8 AM at the Cosmo Hotel before heading over to the Tribeca Performing Arts Center for the 9 AM event. And it is an event. There is a digital directory of attendees, there is Q&A, surprises, and a huge collection of the Tribe! I am going to hear from Seth and to meet some other consultants. Hoping to get some gems I can use in my business.

Humorous but true: 10 Questions for the Social Media Expert

Case Studies of Social Media – a collection by Peter Kim. [Master list # 3]

SMB companies are finding that they are losing money on social media because it takes much longer than they thought. (see WSJ article)

On B2B Social Marketing: ‘Asked to rate the effectiveness of specific social media sites in their marketing efforts, more than one-half of respondents said that Facebook was “extremely” or “somewhat” effective. Somewhat fewer said the same of LinkedIn, and just 35% considered Twitter effective.’

Bonus: 48 Guerrilla Marketing Tips.

Why Blog?

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You can’t read any marketing material without hearing about social media – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN, Google Buzz, tec. — but blogging is also a social platform. Twitter is defined as a micro-blogging service. Instead of a whole paragraph or a whole page, it is a 140 character blog post to the Twitter service. Who says you can’t blog?

Why blog?

A bunch of reasons including to demonstrate your subject matter expertise; for publicity (PR); to become a Trusted Advisor; for reputation; or to just be heard.

In general, you blog for marketing.

A side effect of blogging (and other social networking) is SEO (search engine optimization) – or at the very least, search engine results. If you create enough organic, genuine content around your subject or topic (or keyword), the search engines will ikely find it (eventually). The more content and the more frequent you create content, the better your search results. So blog often.

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