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Presentations Aren’t About the Slides

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My niece just attended her first IGNITE in Denver (#17 there). Tampa Bay just finished IGNITE #4. My niece commented “some great performances and some mediocre”, which is about how it goes with any event more than 3 speakers.

All the speakers can’t be great, but I think it has to do with what you focus on. IGNITE (and TED) is about Passion. It is about telling your story about your passion in 5 minutes. The slides are almost irrelevant.

Many speakers use the slides and the script as a crutch. It makes for a nice technical delivery but an awful experience for the audience. I have sat through more presentations, where I wonder how the speaker holds his job at Cisco or Avaya or where ever. How you can’t talk about your company and its service for 10 minutes without props is beyond me.

Being nervous is normal, but you can alleviate some of those nerves by being well prepared. I always have notes with me, but I rarely look at them. The notes are like Linus’ security blanket. The slides are prompts, to enhance a point, not make one.

The whole point is the story, the idea, the theme that you are trying to convey to your audience. It doesn’t matter if you don’t follow the script as long as you capture their attention enough for them to receive the idea, story, point.

In Tom Peters’ 100 WAYS TO SUCCEED #15: YOU MUST BE ABLE TO ANSWER THIS QUESTION! And the question is: WHAT?S THE DREAM? What mark do you want to leave on your audience? Focus on that and the slides and script don’t matter so much.

IGNITE Tampa the fourth time

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The IGNITE Tampa Bay committee made a call for speakers today for the 4th IGNITE Tampa event. It came on the morning that Hugh MacLeod’s weekly email had these two very appropriate cartoons.

Hugh Macleod @ gapingvoid is a great inspiration to me. IGNITE is all about a speaker taking 5 minutes to display his passion to the audience. Do you have passion you want to share with Tampa? If so, submit your speaking proposal online today! If not, come listen to the some great speakers igniting the community.

We Aren’t Done Yet

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With IGNITE Tampa Bay #3 in the bag, I am a little drunk on the effort, the turnout and the praise.

The talk I gave was off-the-cuff since my first two written talks were both scrapped since previous speakers already hit some of the highlights.


Share the IGNITE videos. Spread the idea virus.

Get involved. Let’s do more cool events together.

I wanted to challenge all of you to get involved – and it doesn’t have to be with the BarCamp/IGNITE community. Just pick a community (or two) and don’t just join, participate.

It takes 500 people at an event for the media to take notice. It takes over a thousand at an event for the local politicians to take notice. It takes a number of large events before the national media and politicians take notice. When they all take notice, then the awards, acclaim and investment come. So we need you to show up!

I forgot to mention 2 things in my talk: outcomes and better the ball.

So Karch Kiraly has a philosophy around volleyball about bettering the ball. When you contact the ball, you should position the ball in such a way that your teammate can make a great play on the ball. It is your job, especially if you are a setter, to better the ball. In other words, leave it better than you found it, a la Stephen Covey.

The other concept was Outcomes. What do you want to happen? How are you going to make it happen? Focus on the outcome. For IGNITE, the outcome was 400 people to see 25 speakers. It became 800 tickets sold, over 550 in attendance and 32 speakers.

All of our events – whether it is BarCamp Tampa Bay, IGNITE Tampa or a monthly meetup – we want a good venue, a good turn-out, a passionate speaker and the audience to come away with some knowledge, inspiration, and awe. I say awe because I want them to be so excited that they tell others about it – to spread the idea virus.

3 Reasons You HAVE to Attend IGNITE Tampa #3

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We are doing our third IGNITE Tampa Bay at Tampa Theatre on April 25th. These are the three reasons you need to attend:

ONE. It’s at the historic Tampa Theatre!!! That place is awesome! It makes for a great stage for the show as well as a fantastic night out.

TWO. There will be over 20 people delivering 5 minutes talks filled with passion and inspiration. Don’t you want to be inspired? Don’t you want to hear what is important to the community we all call home?

THREE. Tampa Bay has many hidden gems – unbelievably talented and generous people — Artists and Linchpins. Meet them! Not just the speakers but the organizers, volunteers, sponsors and attendees who all care so much about Tampa Bay.

It’s a fantastic way to spend an evening if for no other reason – beyond being inspired and networking – than to just be counted. “80 percent of success is showing up!”

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