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Mavericks At Work

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In Mavericks at Work, the authors interview the Netscape co-founders, who have a profound insight:

One of the mavericks we cite is Mike McCue, co-founder of TellMe and formerly a VP at Netscape. At Netscape he and Marc Andreessen woke up every morning worried about what Microsoft was going to do and how they were going to beat Microsoft. He says that “they mooned Microsoft,,” so after that it drove everything they did. They didn’t really have time to think about the customer — it was all about their competitor. Now at TellMe he says, “Every time we look at the competition or have a meeting about the competition, we turn it into a meeting about the customer, about how we can improve things to better please the customer.” [from an interview with Polly LaBarre]

Great review of the book is here.

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