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Here’s some thoughts on the subject of Happiness. I’m no expert, but I’m a student.

Your own Happiness is your Responsibility. Not anyone else’s. If you are Unhappy, it lies within you to fix it.

People don’t make you Happy. You are reacting to the stiuation. The only 3 things we can control in life are:

  1. Your actions.
  2. Your responses to situations and your experiences.
  3. Your thoughts, beliefs, or attitude.

By the way, you can’t fix people. Or change them. Period.

You have to be comfortable with yourself – and love yourself.

Manage Expectations. When I suggest lower your expectations, I’m not saying lower your standards. I’m saying be a little realistic about what will happen or how it will go. For example, if you go to an event that you paid $75 for, don’t have an expectation that the food, drink, crowd and other details will be fabulous. Often that isn’t the case. But if you just expected to meet a few people, have a nice conversation with someone, and relax through the experience, your expectations are set at a more realistic level. Hence, you will be less disappointed. Less often your hopes will be shattered.

I lack Patience. If I had patience, I would likely be happier. I wouldn’t be grumpy in traffic. I think Patience makes waiting for “The One” easier. It makes the wait for the perfect job (whatever that is) easier.

Last thought:  you have to have some kind of map or plan or goal – or you will just float along. Happiness and Fun take some planning. It doesn’t usually happen by itself.  Enjoy the Journey.


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Listening is a skill. Not just for salespeople. As a culture, we are losing the Art of Conversation.

Listen as if you care what the other person is saying. Don’t just wait for your turn to say something or blather.

Active Listening Is an Essential Sales Tool by Keith Rosen contains Eight Ways to Become the Most Effective Listener, including Listening for what is not said.

David Kahle has the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Technique for Improved Listening here.

I hope you were listening.

5 Lessons in Sales

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In no particular order, five lessons in sales from various coaches and trainers, including Keith Rosen, Jeffrey Gitomer and Seth Godin (who is more marketing but truly understands sales too).

  1. It’s more important to learn what your customer does, than to tell him all about what it is you do.
  2. Search for problems. If there’s no problem, there’s no sale.
  3. Find out who the decision makers are.  Learn their decision making process.
  4. Price becomes important if you have no Value. People would rather save time than money.
  5. Get commitments.  Schedule follow-up meetings or phone calls.

Do You Have a Playbook for Winning More Sales?

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  • How do you build accountability and motivate a sales team in these uncertain times?
  • What can you do to meet or even exceed sales quota and produce the results demanded of you?
  • How do you turn around under-performers and hold on to your top producers?

In this difficult economic climate, most sales cycles are doubling, some are even tripling. Yet, sales leaders are being asked to produce more results faster with less support.  How can you manage these conflicting priorities and continue to meet expectations?  To win more sales today, you need to play by the new rules.

Business thought leader Brian Tracy said, “There is no other single activity to boost sales that works better than sales coaching and Keith Rosen’s book, Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions, is the best ever written on how to do it well.”

I have coached with Keith Rosen. He definitely knows how to coach sales people and sales managers.  Star athletes and Olympians have coaches; why not your company’s revenue source? Keith’s book will help you to  develop the new discipline of leadership that creates sales champions.

When you order your copy of Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions today, you’ll receive immediate access to hundreds of dollars worth of bonus gifts from many of the world’s top sales and business thought leaders.

Take one look at the bonus package and I think you’ll agree this is the easiest decision you’ll have to make all week. Click here to check it out now: http://www.coachingsalespeopleintosaleschampions.com/event.html

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