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Tampa Sales Positions

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I’m helping two privately owned Technology firms and one Chicago-based IT Outsourcing Firm find sales reps. Any chance you can refer someone? The details of the various jobs are below.

Cloud Platform, Managed Services provider, someone who lives along the I-4 corridor

  • Great corporate & Government Client base – recently secured a very HIGH profile multi-billion dollar ($50B+) entity and all their financial transactions run on this highly secure platform.
  • Convince Firms to leverage the existing Cloud platform and management ability rather than make major investments.
  • Adding business development professionals with industry experience and younger, HUNTER/telesales focused reps too

A. Business Development Management professionals, adding 1-3 reps

  • Experienced in selling Cloud, telecom, managed services, data center outsourcing or related services.
  • Consistent quota performer – resume should include overview of quota performance, awards, trips won, etc.
  • Can focus on either Corporate or Government sales – depends on where your expertise & contacts come from.
  • $60-80k base, 2x and up at plan. Current senior BDMs consistently make well over $100K.

B. Hunter – Telesales focused jobs, adding up to 4 reps

  • Mostly inside, tele-sales focused position – generate & qualify opportunities.
  • Work out of the corporate office daily. Full time or part-time remote work potential after proving your abilities.
  • Sold IT services, software, managed services, telecom or related work.
  • This role puts you on a path to becoming a BDM.
  • $40-60k and up to 2 times base for total compensation

SaaS / Document Management Software Firm, office location based in Tampa

  • Hunter/Closer focused sales professional.
  • Small firm experiencing growth and adding a sales rep.
  • Company engaged in online marketing efforts and uses Salesforce.com to track activity. Work on company supplied lists, online leads and other marketing generated prospects.
  • High level of desire for someone from the documents management industry, GIS Software or another SaaS firm.
  • Mostly inside, on the phone and using Go to Meeting for online demos. Travel as necessary but not intended to be a road warrior role.
  • $60-80k, 2x at plan, no cap

IT Outsourcing / Custom App Dev Firm (own US & Offshore delivery Centers)

Chicago-based firm looking for someone to work out of their Illinois office. Sell custom development, integration and other tradition IT outsourcing services. Comp to be competitive for this type of big ticket, long sales cycle sales role.

If interested, email Fritz!


Fritz Eichelberger,
Founder, HotSpaces.Net

Providing consulting & recruiting services since 1999

The Linchpins Are Coming

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Have you read the book? Linchpin by Seth Godin. Reviews are collected here at Squidoo.

Are you a Linchpin? Do you aspire for more? Do you want to lead or create or connect or give back?

Linchpins are meeting in 700 cities world-wide. More than 4000 people. On June 14th, 2010. Are you going to be there?

There are many places to connect with Linchpins online. There is the Tribe. (Now with a blog everyone can read). There is a Linchpin NING. There are a few LinkedIn groups. Now there are over 600 MeetUps. There are probably groups local to you similar to the Tampa Creative Network or Brand Tampa.

But this is In-Person! Connect with another local Linchpin live! Maybe you will connect through Art or Genius. Maybe you will Inspire each other to Ship!

(Did you know that there is a Linchpin Manifesto?)

You can meet Seth live on his book tour (dates here; Boston on June 17th)

Linchpin Meetup June 14th

PS: There is another way to meet Linchpins in-person: events like BarCamp.

There isn’t a single I in Team. But there are 4 I’s in this group: INITIATE, INVITE, INFORM, and INSPIRE. (Thanks to Ed Brenegar).

A few other posts about being a Linchpin:  Mind Map, Tampa Linchpin MeetUp, and Are you a Linchpin?.

Linchpins Are in Tampa

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linchpin-boltSeth Godin called for a Linchpin Day on June 14, 2010. You can find a local Tribe of Linchpins meeting up on that day in over 500 cities worldwide.  “Chemistry happens when people interact…” That’s why Seth encourages  face-to-face meetings whether it is Linchpin Day, his Day Long Seminars, or his World Tour.

Tampa has 20 people attending its Linchpin Day at the Ideafield Offices. Details here.

What will people do that day? A little speed networking, talk about all the great ideas in Seth’s books, and maybe discuss the following: “How to advance “leadership” in Tampa Bay. In tech, culture, economy, urban living, and sustainability.”  Will you be there? Are You a Linchpin?

What To Do WIth LinkedIn

Filed under: networking,Online Marketing,Peter Radizeski — Thursday, September 11, 2008 @ 8:38 am

I surpassed 500 this week on LinkedIn. I didn’t even notice. Someone else emailed me and asked me what my LinkedIn strategy was. It was a question that made me think.

My strategy for LinkedIn was to network with the top performers in Telecom and some of the best marketing people in North America. For the most part, I have stuck to that strategy. I also use LI as a contact database. If I meet you, I look for you on LinkedIn and invite you to connect. That way I can keep track of folks. Top of mind kind of stuff.

I am willing to help anyone attain their goals, but I am stingy with the recommendations. Why? A recommendation has to be authentic. I have to have worked with you – really worked with you. How can I talk about your work ethic or your business attitude if I have not seen it? A few folks have asked me for a recommendation but this is the problem. I have not seen them work. And I’m not going to leave a quote about their attitude at a networking event. [Matt Baron has a little more about the anatomy of a recommendation here.]

So if you are on LinkedIn, work in Telecommunications, Web 2.0 or Marketing (PR, Sales, Advertising, New Media), drop me an invite.

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