April 24, 2018, 9:06 pm

The bad news: new marketing is just old marketing with new tools.

The bad news: the customer response time has shrunk.

The bad news: today, everyone knows!

The bad news: everyone counts, so mommy bloggers can’t be ignored.

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The bad news is: sales is getting too costly. Acquiring new customers is getting harder and more expensive.

Today, Customer Retention, Referrals and Word-of-Mouth are more important than ever before.

Listening to your customers is now very important.

Pick Yourself

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I spent May 16th at my third all day session with Seth Godin. This one was mainly Q&A. It was a combination of his books – The Dip, Tribes, Linchpin, Weird, Permission Marketing – and disruption, education and non-profits. Here are some nuggets from the day.

Here are two from the 2010 Linchpin event I attended.

Linchpin 1 preso

Linchpin2 preso

The Idea of 150%

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The whole idea of giving more than 100% is goofy. How do you give more than all?

With the passing of Trey Pennington over the Labor Day weekend, a few blogs wrote about the pressure they were under in today’s economy and ever changing marketplace.

I’m confused by that. While I am not as well known as some social media personae, I am a consultant, marketer, author, speaker and an event planner.

I strive to give my best. Every time. I want every event to leave the audience with an A-ha moment. I look for improvement at every opportunity. I try to write better, clearer, more concise. I try to leave my audience with valuable take-aways.

The blog is part of not only the fremium revenue model, but the gift that I give to my audience. Actually to my tribe. I don’t write for everyone. I don’t create events for everyone. I do what I do for the success of my Tribe.

There’s a concept in math of getting closer and closer but never reaching the target. Each step is half the other. Each step is as hard or harder than the last. Yet never quite reaching the target. That target for some is perfection. It’s great to strive for, but it is overwhelming and exhausting to be obsessed with perfection.

You can’t top every speech.

Every blog won’t get a favorite in someone’s reader.

Every tweet doesn’t get a RT.

Maybe the social media audience allows for immediate feedback, but for many they don’t even see your posts in their stream.

If you have 20K followers how many actually pay attention?

You should be focused on your Tribe.

In Linchpin, Seth Godin talks about being an Artist, a Genius and shipping. Good enough often is.

I’m not saying do sloppy work. I am saying focus on your Tribe – not everybody. If everything you do – blog, speak, plan, write – is done with the intent to improve the business of the tribe members, then it will all work out.

Today is the episode 2 of Cranky Bastards Show with Antony Francis from Head of Lettuce Media; Joel Lopez of 2Z Consulting; and Peter Radizeski of RAD-INFO INC.  In this episode, we discuss Social Media Monitoring.  Listening is more important than Talking. (Sales Lessons # 1: that’s why we have 2 ears and 1 mouth.)  The thing to remember about social media is that it is supposed to be SOCIAL! Engagement does not mean puking, poking and publicizing. Would you do that face-to-face? It’s a lost art, conversation. We discuss ways to monitor your reputation including Google Alerts, Tweetdeck, search, Radian6 and People Browser.

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