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Books You Might Considering Reading

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Last night during a talk, I mentioned a bunch of books. Here they are:

My last seminar with Seth was about Picking Yourself. I had slides on that last night.

  • Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill – wikipedia cliff notes and here it is in a PDF.
  • Endless Referrals by Bob Burg is the first sales book I ever read.
  • Drip Marketing by Glenn Fallavollita
  • Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy about Time Management
  • Tim Ferriss launched 4 Hour Work Week at SxSW with this 40 minute talk.

Jim Rohn was my first coach. This is his 1 year coaching program about personal development. Here is Jim talking about Happiness is an Art.

Keith Rosen was my sales and busness coach for a while. If you want a coach, you can try CoachU or Noomii. If they don’t test you about your coachable and what your goals are, that is not a good coach.

Loral Langemeier – The Millionaire Maker’s Guide to Creating a Cash Machine. Her 12 building blocks of wealth.

Les Brown is one of Jim Rohn’s disciples and he is a good motivational speaker – YouTube.

Michael Port – Book Yourself Solid.

Other Books:

Dan Waldschmidt on Selling Power blog suggests this for 2011:

“Selling is a dying craft. This is nothing to mourn. Half of the people who are in sales today should get out of the profession to pursue other opportunities. Every time technology does the work of humans, we see that as progress. We’ve created amazing tools. Computer systems can fake real conversations, but many times this leads to a self-perpetuating cycle of nonsense. People send out mass emails and customers opt out. Social media is the next generation of conversation. Take a look at the tweets that are sent. Ask yourself, are you really having a conversation, or are you perpetuating nonsense?”

I’ll agree that sales as a profession is dying, but that may be due to the lack of training funds. Back in the day, all of the Big Corps – like IBM, Xerox, DEC, Bell – had extensive training for its sales teams. Today, not so much. Couple the lack of sales training with a total lack of training (and knowledge) in how to hire and manage salespeople leads to the mess we have today. So, yeah, many of them should pursue other careers, especially if you can be replaced by an inbound tele-marketer or an online application. (*Cough*Cough*Order taker*Cough)

Where Dave is wrong is in social media. Most people have zero idea how to utilize social media for conversations. Most tweets are just links to the tweeter’s blog (or other content), so he can track his influence and increase traffic.

Sales in essence is the art of the conversation. Open ended questions being the key to consultative selling. Translating that to an app is challenging, but learning that social media is just a new communication tool like IM/chat and email is simpler. Salespeople will need to integrate that into their toolbox in 2011. But be cautioned that most people using Twitter and other social tools are not the example you want to follow. Broadcasting all day will not engage anyone. Listening and Learning are the essential. It’s back to basics.

Can You Sell Via Social Media?

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I just read this blog post, Can you sell your product using social media networks?

He states, “The Social Media area of the New Media is a listening platform, NOT a selling platform.” I believe that, but so many use it as a broadcast media. A PR machine. That doesn’t work for attention or selling.

Social media works effectively for Customer Care. Ask @XOCare, Comcast, JetBlue, SWAir. Why? Engagement.

Rule number 1 in sales is be Friendly. Make a friend. You can do that online. If you Listen first. Then have a conversation.

“Give generously and people will follow you.” That is the premise of Linchpins by Seth Godin. Be Generous. It’s one way to stand out or become an Expert.

The new sales process involves word-of-mouth, user reviews, online searches, and comparison shopping.

I have seen people test social network responsiveness of companies before buying from them. It’s a whole new world.

It’s definitely easier to sell things like Dell gear, hotel rooms or discounted airfare, than services on social media. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. It’s just more challenging.

Seth on Sales versus Marketing

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Seth Godin gives 9 Things about Sales that Marketers need to learn. (And then some lessons on Referrals as well).

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