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Seth on Sales versus Marketing

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Seth Godin gives 9 Things about Sales that Marketers need to learn. (And then some lessons on Referrals as well).

I have clients that like me have a blog here, a website or 3 over there, a twitter account or 2,  a Facebook fan page and personal account, and some other online properties. Whatdo you do with all this online marketing?

Here are the Top 3 Online marketing Assignments

1. Have an overall plan for the entirety of your online marketing.

2. Have a plan of attack for each platform.

3. Execute by scheduling time.

In some ways, all of your online messages should be aimed at one theme. An editorial calendar to let you know that in January you will be talking about this one subject or charity or purpose all month in some way across the online world. In February or in the second quarter, it can be another theme or subject or case study. Or it can be the same one all year long.

Note: You want to be speaking about the same keywords across all platforms to tie you to that keyword. (Usually we call this SEO, search engine optimization).

When you have disparate internet properties – more than 1 domain name for example or you blog on wordpress – you have to find a way to tie the properties together. Maybe it’s a blog roll box, a contact page, an about us page, a where-to-connect box, etc.

Note: This is linking it all together. Your theme based on keyword(s) will tie it all together.

Many companies want to be everything to everybody. That’s fine if you are GM, Subway, Nike, Coke or McDonalds – and have their marketing budget. But you don’t. So the more finely tuned your message is, the better.

The more targeted your message is to a very specific audience, the cheaper and easier it is to market to that niche.

Top 5 Ways To Find Your Business

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I’m going to Go Local for a couple of posts (like here). Small Business Trends has an article about “the top 5 ways people find local businesses according to Comscore“:

  1. 31%  Visit a search engine – most research without a specific brand or business name in mind and a specific location (i.e. a plumber in Tampa, Florida).
  2. 30% Look up a business in print in the Yellow Pages or White Pages.
  3. 19% Use Internet directories – often to find a phone number.
  4. 11% Look at local search sites like Google Maps or Yahoo Local (usually to get driving directions).
  5. 3%   Get information from a newspaper or magazine.

What does this tell you? Search counts for 42%. You might want to have a strategy for that.  I find the YP number to be high until you consider that not everyone has a computer (with broadband and powered up all the time).  So you need to start measuring how folks find you. Seriously.

I’m following people on Twitter and Facebook to see what the whole “Social Media” experiment is. Part of me believes that it is yet another get rich quick scheme.  However, not all that many folks are actually raking in cash. (GigaOm had to get another round of money this year, so maybe there isn’t enough money in blogging as the new newspaper medium). Then there are the shows — oh, so many of them.  I wonder how many actually turned a profit?

If you are thinking about jumping into Social Media Marketing for your company, here’s some advice:

There are No experts (here and here). Sure, people call them that. And there are lists of people to follow (here and here and here and here and here), but the industry is too young to have experts. (And how many can answer most  of Chris Brogan’s questions?) Plus the whole sector is in a constant state of flux: one day its blogs, then social networks, then twitter, then on to the next cool widget / tool / app. It seems to be like fashion – once everyone is wearing it, it’s no longer cool. More likely, once it hits mainstream, it is no longer useful because the noise level has become way too loud.

The key thing is that social media is just a platform for communications and connections. It is a tool like a billboard or a commercial, but it has to be engaging. People want to be engaged, connected, told a story — Entertained. The hardest thing to do in a  declining civilization is to keep the masses entertained.

The next step is to realize that without a goal and a plan, it’s just a crazy time sink.

  • What do you want to accomplish?
  • How will you go about doing that?
  • Who will help you?

Chris Brogan has a nice post about how to build a powerful small network. You are doing that, but you are inviting people to buy into your Vision and take the ride with you. There’s an element of trust there, but if you can engage them with an authentic story then you are on your way.

“Companies that focus on earning love will thrive during hard times, and kick ass when good times return.” – Andy Sernovitz from Peter Kim’s Social Media Predictions for 2009.

One thing to remember is that although there is no capital cost (CAPEX) to social media there is a lot of man-hour cost. And if you are not authentic and kind of transparent, then your reputation may suffer. Also, if you are not prepared to expend the effort long term, don’t bother. It takes time to write a thoughtful blog regularly (at least once a week). It takes time to Twitter and use Facebook. Moderating a forum or starting discussing on a social network app takes an enormous effort. (And it is about the conversation). As David Armano wrote, “Although it is now cheaper to launch an initiative leveraging Web 2.0 technology – it requires qualified and passionate people to make them successful.”

It’s going to be conversations not tricks because SEO is Dead.  Search is getting local and smarter.  According to Bernie Borges at Find and Convert,  “”search” is a much bigger picture than SEO only…I like “SMO” because “media” doesn’t limit to engines.”  That means you have to have a strategy. Well, now’s a good time to plan for 2009!

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