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So You Want to Get Funded

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So you have this great idea you have been working on and you want to get funded. What do you do?

Ask yourself a bunch of questions:

Why do I need funding? There are friends and family; kickstarter and other crowd funding ventures; and there are sales strategies you could use.

Still want VC money, huh? Okay. Is it a killer idea? What’s the value proposition? Why should anyone care about it? Is all this on your website?

How good is your website?

Are you gaining traction at all – in sales or marketing?

Do you have a strong management team or at least a very experienced Board of Advisors?

Have you done any networking to meet with any VC’s or money people?

Have you applied to demo at DISRUPT or DEMO or any other expo?

Have you done media outreach? Have you talked to Sarah at TechCrunch or any other big blogger in your space?

When the VC googles you, your team, your product and your company, what will they find?

Not every idea gets funded. Most killer ideas do get funded, especially if they have some marketing in place, a business model and a strong team.

So you need money, but have you done all you can to make yourself visible enough to the money?

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